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Radiohead lullabies?

Radiohead lullabies?More than slightly b’gocked by the following:

While exploring’s MP3 offerings today, I came across something rather unexpected. When I found In Rainbows, the sidebar suggested that I might also enjoy this collection of lullaby renditions of familiar Radiohead songs.


A. & I checked out a few samples. And I was surprised that these were actually… pretty… good? Though perhaps not as cognitively dissonant as Metallica lullabies. Meanwhile lullaby versions of The Cure could have passed as simply dub versions of those particular songs.

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24 weeks

24 weeks, 2 days

baby’s first plush toy?

plush neuron

baby quilt!

I picked out fabrics for the baby quilt that Rob’s mom is making:

Baby Quilt

See also: here, here, and a detail of the dragonfly print here.

Also, Rob’s Grammie is making bumpers for the crib with the dragonfly print fabric.


Four Generations?

Four Generations of Friesel Men?

Only time will tell?