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procrastinating on that lecture prep…

I don’t feel like working on my lecture prep, so I’m going to tell you about our super awesome visit with our pediatrician instead!

Our new doc has just finished her residency.  She is energetic, balanced, and her approach is science-based. yeah!  Rob and I both absolutely loved her.  Everyone in her practice seemed really friendly and willing to answer all of our questions.  AND they are a 2-minute drive from the house.

We discussed many things with our new doc.  We talked about circumcision, immunizations, breastfeeding, etc.  I walked away feeling well-informed and confident in her ability as a physician.  One more thing we can check off our list!

I am hitting the 30-week mark on Thursday!!!  75% of the way there!  Only 10 weeks to go!  Good thing it’s starting to go by fast because my back hurts like hell!!!