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30 weeks and a scratched cornea

I hit the 30-week mark last week.  In addition to reaching this milestone, I also seem to have picked up some not-so-fun 3rd trimester aches and pains.  Since getting out of the first trimester, I’ve really had a very smooth, uneventful, and relatively painless pregnancy, so I probably shouldn’t complain too much.  But over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been sleeping like crap.  I keep waking up in the middle of the night and consequently feel like I’ve been hit by a truck the entire next day.  With my work schedule, it’s a vicious cycle that I hadn’t really been able to break.  As of last week, my sleep was getting worse and more violently interrupted.  Yes, I said violently.  There were several occasions where I would be sleeping and then sit STRAIGHT UP in bed, hand to my right eye, wincing in pain.  My eye would be watering, and it would protest when I would shuffle to the bathroom to inspect it under the glare of the overhead light.  I would continue to feel like I was getting stabbed in the eye for the next several hours.  Moving my eye hurt.  Closing my eye also hurt.  If you’ve ever tried to keep your eye perfectly still AND open, you know that this is pretty much impossible.  And not fun at 3AM.  The next morning, I would dutifully get ready for work.  I would drink my coffee, which did not wake me up.  Instead of feeling awake, I would just feel tired and jittery.  I would deliver some unintelligible lecture, meet with students for a few hours, try to stay awake long enough to grade papers and prepare more lecture material.  Come home, repeat.  The fatigue and stress were wearing me out.  I was starting to get contractions because I was so tired and stressed and TOTALLY UNHAPPY about going to work.  The contractions were also exacerbated by the fact that the elevator in my building at work is being repaired over the next 6 weeks.  I work on the 4th floor and go up and down the stairs several times each day.  Not fun. The combination of sleep deprivation and running up and down the stairs was not pleasing to me.  So I cancelled my alcohol lecture on Friday, made an eye doctor appt, and found out that somehow (who knows how), I managed to scratch my cornea.  Not serious, but apparently this is something that heals on its own within a couple of days, and I had been dealing with it for WEEKS.  Doc thinks something had been lodged in my eye and had only recently worked its way out.  The happy ending to this story is that I slept PERFECTLY this weekend, with the help of lots of eyedrops.  And now i am feeling much better.


On a super awesome note, we had real spring weather this weekend.  This is me enjoying said spring:

I also had a very relaxing yoga practice this morning.  I was feeling pretty good at the end of it; the sun was shining, and it was almost 60 degrees, so Rob and I walked around outside for several hours.  We also bought a diaper bag, which is the first baby item we’ve bought so far.  I decided it was time to start thinking about maybe preparing for this baby materially (at least a little!)  


On that note, we actually have started preparing a room for the little one.  We inherited some used baby furniture (thanks Kathie and Kevin!), and have set it up as best as we could.  There are some little things we still need to tackle, but I have to admit, it’s just a nursery.  The kid will outgrow it before we know it and will want to define his or her space in his or her own terms.  Here’s what we have so far, sans finishing touches (and unfortunately the litter box still hasn’t found a more permanent home):


Notice that the baby has a pair of Bose speakers already!  You know I love this kid if I’m willing to share speakers!


And finally, I have to share my “official” 30-week picture.  I took it the day I played hookie from work and visited the eye doctor.  Notice how i am still in my pjs and haven’t brushed my hair!  I’ve been told it’s a look with which I will become increasingly familiar:

I’ll update again on Tuesday–we will have another midwife appt that afternoon, so I should have some additional info by then.