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Almost 31 weeks

We had yet another midwife appointment today.  Blood pressure is super awesome at 96/50.  The results of my gestational diabetes and anemia tests were great!  I’m up 25 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Baby is still head-down, is of apparently “medium” size, and has a heart rate of 128 bpm, which according to old wives’ tales (if you’re into that sort of thing) indicates that it is a boy.  The baby prefers snuggling into the ribs on my right side.  I try to push him away from there because it kind of hurts, but he just kicks back and goes back to his preferred position.  He’s already defying my wishes!  The midwife assured me that my Braxton Hicks contractions are fine and normal.  Actually, I wasn’t too worried about it to be honest—it’s other people that need the assurance!  We also received the paperwork for pre-registration at the hospital.  As soon as that packet of papers was passed to me, I began to realize how close we are getting!  Tomorrow we are going to a “Meet the Midwives” session, where we will listen to a brief talk on nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding, introduce ourselves to any of the midwives we have not yet met, and eat some yummy food.  We go back in 2 short weeks for our next appointment.  I absolutely cannot believe how quickly things are going now!