Almost 33 weeks…

As the title of this post implies, my life is currently defined by how much time has elapsed.  We saw the midwife today.  I’m up 27 total pounds.  Blood pressure is still great….90/56.  Baby’s heartrate is at 140 (to which the midwife exclaimed, “Today the baby is a girl!”)  Midwife confirmed that the baby is in fact, squished over into my ribs on my right side.  I feel pretty good except for the constant backache.  It’s excruciating to sit in my chair at work.  By mid-afternoon, I can barely take the back pain, and I have to read articles and books from a standing position.  I am lucky I only have 1 more week of teaching.  I just can’t wait for work to be over at this point.  

April 24th, 2008 10:18 am


Have you tried (and do you have room) to sit on the floor? I find the chair-sitting hard on my lower back, too, but I love sitting on the floor–something about the legs not hanging down, maybe?

Love to you, Rob and the B!

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