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The Business of Being Born

If you have only one more documentary you can watch for the rest of the year, make sure this is it.  Please please please, watch this.

Poor displaced kitty cat

As I mentioned previously, the cat enjoys snuggling in the Boppy and napping in the crib.  He has also recently acquired a fondness for the co-sleeper:

In getting some last-minute preparations done, I washed the co-sleeper sheet, stuck it on the co-sleeper mattress, and then covered the co-sleeper with garbage bags so that the cat wouldn’t leave his fur all over it.  My plan was foiled when Stoli peeled up the plastic bags and shoved them aside so he could sleep unencumbered on the freshly laundered co-sleeper sheet.  So, I ended up removing the co-sleeper from our room, sticking it in the nursery (which now has its door closed so that the cat can’t get into any more mischief), and cleaning all of the fur out of the co-sleeper.  Total pain in the butt.  Understandably, the cat is perplexed about being kicked out of the crib and now out of the co-sleeper.  In the most pathetic form of protest he could muster, he spent last night sleeping on the floor on my side of the bed where the co-sleeper used to be.  Every time I’d peer over the edge of the bed, he’d look back at me with the most hurt expression.  I don’t think he’ll get into the co-sleeper or crib once the baby is here and using those items; he’ll be too intent on staying as far away from the baby as he can, I am sure.   Luckily, we don’t have the same territoriality issues with our rabbit.  She goes about her day blissfully unaware of the changes that are about to descend onto our household.    

Almost 40 weeks…

Went to the midwife today.  I am 3.5 cm dilated, still 80% effaced.  Baby is estimated to weigh around 8 pounds.  The baby’s back is usually shifted over to my right side (hence back pain on my right side), but now the baby’s back appears to be somewhere in the middle.  The baby’s heart rate was variable (it would speed up, then slow down, then speed up again), which is exactly what they want to hear.  I go back to the midwife in a little over a week if I still haven’t delivered by then, and at that point, we’ll discuss the next step (which I am assuming includes speeding things along somehow).  I DO NOT want an induction.  I will do everything in my power to avoid that.  At 41 weeks I will be fine with having my membranes stripped, but I do not under any circumstances want synthetic oxytocin!!!!  I will walk this town all day long in the heat if I have to.  I will go for a bike ride.  I will pole dance.  For the love of God, I just don’t want synthetic hormones.