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Post due date

Aww…..Rob’s Father’s Day message is so sweet.  We are 2 days past my due date—we could still have a full moon baby (June 18th) or a Summer Solstice baby (June 21st).  Either of those would be fun!  A baby on Friday the 13th of June (my due date) would have been neat for a couple of reasons.  Rob and I moved into our first apartment on Friday the 13th of April, 2001.  We then got married on Friday the 13th of July, 2001:

Having a Friday the 13th baby would have been neat, but the baby has other plans.  That said, I need to take a break from the baby blog for a few days.  On Friday, my laptop battery decided to die, so I don’t have a terribly convenient way to log on and post updates.  We have a desktop computer I could use, but ugh….I can’t use it while reclining in bed or on the couch.  I’m expecting to get my laptop back sometime this week, so until then I’m over and out.  Peace!

Happy Almost-Father’s Day


We spent a good portion of what would have been my first Father’s Day in the garden, tending our little 15′x30′ plot, helping our “green babies” get nice and big.  The idea is for them to bear fruit that becomes the first set of solids that our human baby eats.  Anyway…

It was a good day.  And A. got me a very nice card.  Sweetheart that she is.

And of all the photos we took today, the above seemed the most appropriate.  With the two fully formed blossoms hanging out in the background (just out of focus in the depth-of-field), waiting for the other one to burst forth from its little bud.

Here goes…