41 weeks

I have my laptop back (hurray!) so I can now update everyone with what little news I have.  I am now a week past my “official” due date.  Not that it means much, as my midwife pointed out to us today, since 41 weeks (not 40)  is used to calculate due dates in France.  ”So,” my midwife cheerfully commented, “you’d just be hitting your due date now if you were in France!”  French women are also permitted to drink wine while pregnant, but that is neither here nor there.  

Here are the stats from the appointment:  I have gained no weight in the past week and a half (yippee!)—I’m holding steady at 39 pounds total weight gain.  Blood pressure was 108/78.  I am FOUR cm dilated.  This makes me happy.  Zero station.  I forgot to ask about effacement, but last time I was there, I was 80%, so I assume it’s still right around there.  Baby is estimated to weigh around 8 lbs.  We made the decision to have the midwife strip my membranes today.  We are hoping this will facilitate things.  If the baby does not come this weekend, I go to the hospital on Monday for a non-stress test to ensure that the placenta is still doing its job.  If so, we can allow the pregnancy to continue and we can have my membranes stripped again.  If not—well, we’ll cross that bridge when (if) we come to it.  

As for how I’ve spent the last week—I’ve been reading.  I read 3 novels—all of them were great!  I’ve been doing a lot of cooking, and even mustered energy to work in the yard and trim the overgrown bushes.  It’s not like I wanted to be doing yardwork, but I was willing to do just about anything to jumpstart this whole labor process.  R and I have been enjoying our evenings—we walk a mile and a half circuit around town, usually pausing to take pictures and get dessert.  We are savoring these last few evenings together as a couple.  

OK, I’m off to make some stir fry for dinner!  Expect more updates soon!


June 22nd, 2008 8:03 am

So glad to hear everything is going well. 41 weeks seems totally normal to me, especially since the women in my family generally go to 42 weeks… so I’m pretty sure I’m in for the long haul! And your weight seems fine and yay for dilation! I bet baby will be here real soon.

I’m totally all for membrane stripping versus induction. I’ve told my doc that I’m not getting induced, no matter what. I’d rather have the nurse/midwife strip me a few times than get some icky pitocin (I’m lucky that my OB/GYN is a really awesome guy, who delivered me and has a nurse/midwife on staff b/c he values women who choose natural births). Anywho, glad to hear all is well.

And I’m also really impressed that you’re making dinner and getting things done! I’m at 22 weeks and I’m already starting to feel a bit ungainly. I’m stepping up my walking, bellydance and yoga to make sure I keep my mobility during the second half of pregnancy.

Good Luck! Hugs to you and R!

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