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Time flies

Holden is now 6 weeks old.  And I turned 30 this week.  My dad left me a very endearing voice message on my birthday—he remarked that when he turned 30 he thought he was getting old….but that was 31 years ago, so 30 isn’t actually all that old (relatively speaking).  He has a point.  

By this logic, Holden is decidedly not old.  At 5 weeks old, he took his first trip out of state.  We braved the 5.5 hour car ride to Maine, and Holden did wonderfully.  We stopped once to nurse and change his diaper.  He only fussed for about 15 or 20 minutes of the whole drive.  Not bad!  We did lots of exciting things once we got to Maine.

Holden saw the ocean for the first time:

Holden met his cousins, Colby and Dylan.  Here he is with Colby, who upon meeting him, remarked “I like my cousin Holden.”

Holden met his uncles on the Friesel side.  Here is Holden with Uncle Joe (and an affectionate Colby):

And Holden with Uncle Steve:

I have so many things to say about Holden, but they might have to wait.  I’m too tired to really do it justice. He is changing so rapidly that it’s really hard to document all of his little quirks and idiosyncrasies.  And just when you think he’s in a pattern, he changes it up and starts doing things differently.  Every day ends up being a new adventure.  Last week he was eating constantly (about every 15 minutes for days on end).  This week he has been taking real naps (and I get sometimes an hour break in between feedings).  He’s grown out of his 0-3 month clothes already.  In fact, at this very moment he is comfortably wearing a 6-9 month onesie.  He’s done a lot of growing in a short time!  This Momma is off to get some shut-eye with her not-so-little guy.  Stay tuned for more updates!