Archive for December 16th, 2008

I am feeling immense relief as I write this because….well, we still have a blog here!  The server that hosts our blogs experienced a major meltdown a couple days ago and there was a possibility that we had lost both of our blogs in their entirety.  Of course I was very upset about that possibility as I have taken a lot of time to chronicle Holden’s life (both prenatally and postnatally!) and the thought of losing his birth story, his milestones, and all of the other little thoughts we’ve put up here about him over the months made me feel sick to the stomach.  This blog is my one (and sometimes only) outlet, and often, blogging is the only time during the day that I get to play the part of an adult.  Without it, I would probably be in sad shape.  It’s all I have right now, that is, until I’m able to forge a life again and put the pieces back together w/r/t work and career.  

At any rate, I am *so* enormously grateful that our blog is still here—that we haven’t lost these little digital snippets of Holden’s early life.  It would have been like losing a part of him and I don’t think I could bear it.