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6-month check-up

Our little guy is starting to slack with the growing.  He now weighs 21.375 lbs. and is 27.5 inches tall, which places him in the 96th and 85th percentiles, respectively.  His appointment went well, except for the fact that the pediatrician suspects that Holden has an allergy to apples.  We had eliminated apples after just two days, but his face and bum continue to get worse.  His cheeks are really swollen although he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it.  I am really upset because food allergies are such a total pain in the ass, and I am hoping that this doesn’t portend issues with other foods down the road.  We were instructed to keep a close eye on things and to come back in on Monday if it’s still a problem.  

On a good note, we were given the green light to drop those middle of the night feedings if we are so inclined.  The doctor says Holden has plenty of reserves to hold him over during the night (which is a diplomatic way of saying that he is a portly fellow), so from a medical standpoint, he should be fine to go all night without feeding.  I’m prepared to try this although it will be weird to not respond to his mumblings at night.