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New things on the horizon

Tonight I had a brief brush with a clogged milk duct.  After 3 hours of soaking in the tub, pumping, massage, and trying to get Holden to eat from the affected side, I think I finally was able to work the plug out.  It’s really awful when your baby can’t get any milk from one side and you just feel like you are going to burst at the seams!  I am so thankful though that I was able to get it resolved.  I’m tempted to get up every few hours to pump tonight just to make sure that things are still flowing the way they should, but I know I probably won’t.  I’m too lazy.

And now for the good news part of the evening…..I have a phone interview scheduled for next week at my dream academic job!!!!  I am *sooooo* freaked out by this!  I haven’t talked shop with anyone in months, so I feel completely rusty.  My application for this position was submitted 3 months ago, so I need to go back through it and remind myself of what I even said to the search committee about what my research is supposed to be about!  I am utterly floored by this.  When the e-mail came through, I almost didn’t read it because I was certain that it was an outright rejection.  And now the pressure is on to perform well through this first round of interviews…and hope that I get a call to come give a talk.  I can’t even express how shocked I am right now.  And nervous.  I don’t feel nervous about most things as a general rule, but the task of upholding my professional reputation through this dormant period of my career has given me a case of the howling maternal fantods.  We will be in New Hampshire this weekend for a family vacation and then Tuesday I have my interview….details (hopefully positive) are to follow!