It’s New Year’s Eve.  I am surrounded by family.  I am alive.  I am healthy (relatively).  I am content.  The events of this past week have brought into sharp focus all of the joy that is in my life.  I am a lucky person.

In no particular order, goals for 2011:

1.  Holden has an ear infection.  He has an appointment to see his ENT on January 4th.  My goal is to get tubes in his ears again, so we don’t go through what we went through last winter.

2.  I have been invited to give a presentation as part of my application for Program Director at my job.  I will give the talk, and I will get the job.  Anything that happens after that is anyone’s guess.

3.  I will learn how to knit.  I want to take a class at the local yarn shop.  I’ve wanted to do this for quite some time.  Now is the time to do it.

4.  I have been pretty good with exercising.  Not great, but certainly better than I had been.  I keep getting sick, and that keeps derailing my efforts.  I have a cold right now, so I haven’t gone running since Monday.  I hope that this weekend I’ll be back on it, and I can get back into a routine of exercise 4 times each week.

5.  I want to take a yoga class with H.  I don’t know how in the world I will fit this in.

6.  I want to give H swimming lessons next summer.

7.  I would like to have a cleaner house.  I am not above hiring a housecleaner to help me with this.

8.  I WILL maintain better contact with my close friends and family, and tell them how much I care.  I missed the boat with Kaye, and now it’s too late for that, but I won’t let that happen with the other people in my life who I love so dearly.  Relatedly, I won’t sweat the small stuff.  Life is indeed, too short.

9.  We will replace all of the windows in our house.

10.  I will finish the paint job I started in August, and I will paint two more rooms in our house.  It’s taking me FOREVER to get any of these little projects done.

11.  Rob and I will plan a long weekend getaway for our 10th wedding anniversary this summer.

Think I can pull it off?

Edited to Add:  Other things I would like to add to this rather lengthy list:

12.  Go on a rock climbing date with Rob.

13.  Learn to cross country ski.

14.  Get regular massages.

15.  Drink more water.


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