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Christmas Eve Eve

Today was a great day.  Rob’s youngest brother S is staying with us for a few weeks during his winter break from college.  S and H are good buddies, and S is a wonderful house guest, so it’s a great time for us all.  We spent the day running a couple of last-minute errands.  We picked up our beef roast from the meat market, stocked up on cereal, donated some old clothes/toys to Goodwill, and visited the Champlain Chocolate factory store for some yummy chocolate treats.  After coming home, we enjoyed grilled cheese, played in the snow, listened to music, and  played with H’s train set.  I even got in a little 16-min run until H visited me on the treadmill, tears streaming down his face, begging for some Dinosaur Train.  So we negotiated:  I told him I’d set up an episode of Dinosaur Train if he agreed to clean up his play area.  I got what I wanted, and H got what he wanted.  Win-win.  This evening we had white chili for dinner (ground turkey with great northern beans) followed by delicious chocolates that my neighbor’s 8-year-old daughter brought over for us (love my neighbors!).  We invited my neighbor’s daughter in for some egg nog and train tracking building, and after she left, we settled into watching some documentaries on prehistoric life/evolution,  Now, H is begging me to come snuggle with him.  No problem, little buddy.  That’s just another win-win situation for us both:)