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A stellar New Year, indeed

We spent New Year’s weekend with R’s family.  We all stayed at the lovely Black Bear Inn, which is a quick 20 minute drive from our house.  R and his dad enjoyed 2 days of skiing, while I got to spend time with R’s mom, his brother S, my nephew C, and my crazy little H.  We took the kids to the aquarium in downtown Burlington, did little art projects at the house, visited the chocolate factory, and of course, made the short trek to do the Ben & Jerry’s factory tour in Waterbury, VT on New Year’s Eve.  We had a lovely New Year’s Eve dinner at the Inn, followed by a showing of E.T. in our hotel room (which my 7-year old nephew referred to as “E dot T dot.”).  We had 2 yummy days of breakfast at the Inn as well (why are pancakes always tastier when someone else makes them?)  We were asleep for a few hours by the time the clock struck midnight, although I have to say,  I TOTALLY don’t mind sleeping through New Year’s if it means that I get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  Ahhhhh…..

Today, R, H, and I all came back to the house and de-decorated our living room.  I did 45 minutes of yoga in the family room, because I wanted to start 2012 off right.  We played with H, but mostly tried to calm him down after an overstimulating weekend.  Right now, H is in bed (although it doesn’t sound like he’s asleep), a fire is going, the house is clean, and I’m ready to make myself some hot chocolate.  2012 is going to be great.

Tomorrow:  glucose screening.  Followed by last-minute work preparations (I start my new job on Tuesday!!!!)  So thrilled!