Outer Space

Holden’s fourth birthday party was a hit!  Here are the highlights:

Holden awoke on the day of his party to find our dining room transformed into a warm space adorned with planets and stars.  It was a bit like waiting for Christmas morning as we strained to hear his reaction to the decor as we lay in bed.

The healthy snacks in all their glory:

And a close-up of Rob’s fruit and vegetable-inspired rocket:

The activity and take-home swag were all rolled up into one—I used iron-on images from the craft store on plain white T-shirts, and then let the kids go to town on them with fabric markers.  Each kid got to take home their own T-shirt!

The delicious outer space birthday cake!  It was a basic cake from the local grocery store that they were able to decorate using a scanned outer space image that we provided for them.  Edible planets never tasted so good!

His Star Wars birthday card from Oma and Grandpa was among the most impressive of H’s gifts.

Fun, turning four is.


August 3rd, 2012 6:03 pm

Hee hee hee. Looks like a great time all around.

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