4 months young

Little E turned 4 months old yesterday, on the same day that my Mom celebrated her 60th birthday.  He’s such a little love.  He’s making all sorts of vocalizations, just babbling and cooing and being a cute little duck.  Recently, he has begun laughing at Holden.  I mean, REALLY laughing, as in chortling and losing his breath.  It’s hilarious.  He’s enjoying tummy time, and he’s starting to be able to scooch himself along on both his tummy and his back.  Teeth are starting to come in ALREADY….he’s drooling like crazy all the time, and is constantly sucking or chewing on something.  I can see a little spot on his lower gum where his first tooth is starting to poke through.  Amazing!   I’ve had to resort to acetaminophen on a couple of occasions just to ease the pain enough for him to get some much-needed sleep.  He sits at the table with us during meals now, and uses his booster seat so that he can watch all of the excitement.  He is also taking a keen interest in our food now; he watches us closely as we bring each bite of food to our mouths.  But he is still not ready for solids yet.  In complete contrast to his big brother, he’s given us many nights of uninterrupted sleep.  On nights where his gums aren’t bothering him, he’ll sleep an 11-hour stretch!  Wow!  Am I really this lucky?!  Yes.  E is also sitting on my lap for all of the books I read to H, so he gets exposed to lots and lots of language.  He seems to like looking at the pictures and listening to my voice, and at a minimum, he’s fond of sitting on my lap and sharing some snuggles with me and his big brother.  E is showing us more and more of who he is every day—and I am so privileged to be able to watch my happy, sensitive, engaging, and funny little guy grow up before my very eyes.


August 15th, 2012 2:01 pm

Love it!

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