Six months and some change

Little E, who also goes by “The Emanator,” and “The Emster,” is now half a year old.  Wow!  He is an incredible little guy.  He started solids about 3 weeks ago, and has surprised us by enjoying broccoli more than banana.  So far he has had acorn squash, carrot, apple, broccoli, banana, and rice cereal, of course.  Tomorrow we introduce him to peas!  Even though it’s messy, I actually enjoy introducing my kids to new foods because it means I can impart healthy attitudes about eating to them and have their first experience with fruits and vegetables be a positive one.  Just like with H, I am making all of my baby food from scratch, simply by steaming or cooking the food, pureeing, and serving.

E’s very first bite of solid food was delivered by his adoring big brother:

Don’t you love how focused E is in this photo?  Don’t worry…he doesn’t take it too seriously:

E sits well while supported, but topples over after a few seconds if you leave him to his own devices.  He’s rolling EVERYWHERE these days; in fact, he’s kind of adopted rolling as his own default mode of transportation.  His latest developmental milestone from the past couple of weeks is that he now transfers objects from hand to hand.  His babbling is getting more and more speechlike, more and more purposeful, and I often hear a “ma-ma-ma-ma” coming from him when he needs me.  I love that!!  He articulates his right wrist in a really interesting way—he kind of circles it around at the joint, with or without staring intently at his wrist as he does this.  He loves jumping (assisted of course!), reading stories before bed (Baby Faces and Baby Cakes are his two favorites), and watching H play.  E has the best laugh EVER!!!  He is totally cracked up by H.  All the time.  Even during long car rides.  Here are the boys during a typical afternoon.  Funniest thing all week.

I love love love my little E:)


October 16th, 2012 7:07 am

Don’t forget “Emulator”!

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