Moving on….

I am lucky for many things.  I am lucky to have Rob, Holden, and Emery in my life.

Rob, who has been so patient and loving and tender to me.  He lifts me up when I’m down, he gives me doses of reality when I need it, he hugs me tight and reminds me that I am a person who has worth.

Holden, who is sweet and tender and caring just like his dad, who showers me with kisses and tells me I look like a princess whenever I paint my toenails.  He is my snuggler, my little storyteller, my astronomer and scientist.

Emery, who hugs me, kisses me with his open, drooling mouth, giggles at me, crawls toward me with his little grin.  Emery, you are full of mystery!  What will you say when you can talk?

I love these guys.  I would do anything for them.  I am so lucky to have them in my life.  I cannot forget this.  Ever.

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