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A year of Emery

Hard to believe, but our little Emery Bemery Boo turned 1 last week.  We had a low-key party with family and close friends.  My dad drove all the way up from WV by himself for the party—his presence was very special to us all.  Emery chowed down on his first cupcake, clapped, smiled for all of the cameras, and found his way inside all of our hearts, once again.

Emery walks, he talks a little, he laughs, points, and observes.  He is attached to his people.  He can say:  bath, cat, Granddad, mama, dada, me, baby, pears, and door.  He can shake his head emphatically.  He dances, loves music, is interested in textures, and is charming to women.  He has two teeth.  Finally.

I love you, Emery.  You are a person of value, and you complete our family.