I quit my job.

Just like that.

I decided that I had had enough abuse.  I decided that “sticking it out” wasn’t going to gain me anything.  I decided that staying was only going to hold me back.

I started seeing a therapist 3 weeks ago, for the first time in my adult life.  I have needed to go for a while, but the final push came from my midwife at my one-year postpartum appointment.  Although in many ways I’m doing better than I had been earlier this year, there are still some unresolved issues that need addressing.

I’m going to be leaving this space for a while.  I think a lot of therapeutic benefit can be derived from writing, but I also think (at least in this instance), that the writing and reflection has to be private to be effective.  I need to be honest, authentic, and not preoccupied with how my thoughts will be received by others.  It’s not that I’m NOT honest in this space, but let’s be real:  EVERYONE’S behavior is altered when they are observed.  And what I need right now is to spill some authenticity for my own sake.

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