ultrasound #1As our first post says, this is a site for us to document our way through the pregnancy parenthood. Mama (Amy) and Papa (Rob) are both here.

This is a place for us to post our thoughts about the process. It’s a place for us to take notes. It’s a place for us to list out links for family members — so that we don’t need to send them to different registries, we can just send them here.

Baby.founddrama.net is a tool for us and it’s a resource for family. It’s also a place where we intend to have a bit of fun.

Technical Details

Baby.founddrama.net is powered by WordPress and uses the Greening v1.02 theme by Martin Mihalev (it came “free” with our DreamHost One-Click Install) and a custom header graphic made by Rob Friesel from the 12 week ultrasound.