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No resolutions for moi!

Last year, I had established a pretty ambitious set of New Year’s Resolutions—you can find them in all their glory, here.

And I did a DAMN good job of getting to everything on my list!  Let’s revisit them one by one, shall we?

1.  Getting tubes for Holden again.  This one ended up being a non-issue.  Holden’s ear infection turned out to be an isolated incident, and he has remained infection-free since, (except for one minor infection that cleared up sans antibiotics).  He gets one more check-up with the ENT this winter, and if he has no more problems, he doesn’t have to go back.  It would be lovely if we were out of the woods with those nasty infections for good!

2.  Giving my job talk and getting the job at my last employer.  Well, we all know that I aborted mission on that one.  And I am still very pleased with my decision.  Sometimes walking away from opportunities is a good thing.

3.  Learning how to knit/taking a knitting class.  I did finally take a knitting class this past fall.  I’ve only practiced knitting a couple of times since, but not enough to really master that skill.  But that’s OK!  I’ve taken the first step to learn something new.

4.  More exercise.  I rocked this one.  And I’m doing the pregnancy-related version of rocking it now (running 2x/week, yoga once each week).

5.  Taking a yoga class with H.  We did this last winter and it was great!!!  I don’t know if we’ll do it again this winter, since I’m already taking my own yoga classes, and that is something that is important to my mental and physical health.  But H and I sometimes do yoga together in the family room, and that is just as much fun!

6.  Swimming lessons for H.  We did this last summer, although as you may recall, H wasn’t the best student!  We’ll repeat this same class next summer, and I’m sure he’ll do better next time!

7.  A cleaner house.  I can’t bring myself to hire someone to help with the cleaning, especially now that I’m not working full-time.  But I do think we’re doing a better job with keeping things tidy.  We make our bed almost every day, we’ve gotten H into the routine of picking up his own stuff and putting it away, and we’ve gotten better about miscellaneous dusting and sweeping.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it is better than it was, and that is good enough for me!

8.  Better contact with friends/family.  I have done so-so on this.  I go through phases with friends where I speak to them a lot, and then months where we get busy and don’t talk at all.  I guess that’s the way it goes with busy schedules, although I wish it was easier to stay in touch.

9.  Replace all the windows in our house.  Done.

10.  Painting projects in the house.  This past year I have painted our foyer, dining room, kitchen, all of the kitchen cabinets, Holden’s closet door, the baby’s new room, and the baby’s bedroom door.  I would like to not pick up another paint brush for another year, even though we still have a lot of painting to finish up.  I do think it can wait!

11.  A long weekend getaway for our 10th wedding anniversary.  Well, we went to Maine and got pregnant.  Does that count?

12.  Rock-climbing date with Rob.  Check.  Did this one last April.  It was fun!

13.  Learn to cross-country ski.  I didn’t quite get to that one, but I’m hoping to make up for it this winter!

14.  Regular massages.  No problem!  I’ve been pampering myself left and right, although I’ve definitely had more of an excuse to do this since getting pregnant.  I get a massage every month.  It’s really helped me feel like I am doing something special for myself.

15.  Drink more water.  I’m doing well with this now, but late August through late November found me unable to stomach water in almost any form (e.g. herbal tea, sparkling water, ice water, etc.).  Now that my stomach is functioning normally again, I’m back to drinking adequately and that has made a huge difference in how I feel.

So—I feel really, really, really impressed that I had such a banner year with trying new things and getting to nearly everything I wanted to accomplish.  This next year is going to be about having no resolutions.  I just want to enjoy my family this next year, usher in the birth of our newest boy, and continue to find balance in my friendships, health, and work.  I don’t want to pressure myself with a list of things to do….I just want to feel whole, however that happens for me in 2012.